Hyaluron Pen Lip Fillers


What is the Hyaluron Pen?

Hyaluron Pen is a device that allows enough pressure to launch hyaluronic acid mixture into the skin without using a needle.  Hyaluronic acid is substance that is naturally found inside the human body making allergic reactions VERY rare. The process takes about 30 mins and is basically painless with zero downtime.  The results are a more natural look and the treatment can be done every 3-4 weeks to “build” fuller lips until you achieve the size and plumpness you want.  Fillers can last 3-6 months sometimes longer BUT keep in mind everybody is different and results can vary depending on how fast your body metabolizes the filler.  We recommend a series of 3-9 sessions per client.


  • No needles
  • No injections
  • Hylauronic acid is an all natural substance already found inside the human body
  • No chemicals put into your lips
  • Quick and minimal pain
  • Minimal recovery time needed after service
  • Hydrates the lips
  • Plumps the lips
  • Gives your lips a nice natural look, no bumping
  • Cheaper cost than regular lip fillers


We recommend 3 – 9 treatments depending on how full you would like your lips to be. A mini consultation with each person will be provided to discuss what you want your desired lips to look like. Some may want just the top, sides, or both the top and bottom, etc. Each person’s lips are different and we will be able to determine how many treatments you need once we have the consultation.

We will numb the lips to make ensure the process is as painfree as possible, most say a small pinch is really all they feel. After the numbing we will begin the process that lasts about 30 minutes. After the treatment is over we will apply hylauronic acid around the lips to help start the healing process. (very light swelling, bruising, and small bumps on penetration site can occur and are normal, subsiding after a few hours-3 days)

Treatments can be scheduled 3 – 4 weeks a part for the last treatment. This is to ensure the lips are able to heal properly and allow the look of the lips to process naturally. The more treatments you have the larger your lips will look overtime. Results last anywhere from 3-6 months.