How Sugaring Works

Body Sugaring is an all-natural grooming alternative, which can be beneficial for the skin due to its essential exfoliating properties. It only takes one Sugaring Treatment to have soft, supple, beautiful skin, but BeeSugared’s Skin Care Professionals recommend booking treatments consecutively every 4-6 weeks for optimum results.

The all-natural Sugar paste used at BeeSugared is comprised of a combination of sugar, water and lemon and warmed only to body temperature to prevent any burning. The Sugar paste is “molded” by hand onto the skin, against the direction of hair growth, and “flicked” away in the direction of hair growth, to avoid any hair breakage. When being “molded” onto the skin, the combination of body heat and the heat from the Sugarist’s hands melts the Sugar into each follicle, ensuring every hair is removed from its root, leaving nothing behind but silky, smooth skin. Sugaring clients experience no post-treatment skin irritation, longer-lasting results, minimal pain and will eventually result in diminished hair growth. For more information on Sugaring vs. Waxing, refer to BeeSugared’s informational guide for treatment comparisons. For more, see our most Frequently Asked Questions.