Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my first Sugaring treatment?

Not a thing, but clients are required to have at least 2 weeks worth of hair growth, untouched and untrimmed.

What is the difference between Sugaring and standard hot wax?

There are many benefits to Sugaring that don’t exist with hot wax; Sugar does not remove layers of live skin, hot wax does. Sugar removes each hair from the root, while wax can break the hairs at the surface of the skin. Sugaring hurts significantly less that waxing. For more information, see Sugaring vs. Waxing.

Does Sugaring hurt?

The most pain exists in the initial Sugaring Treatment, but decreases significantly with each treatment as hair growth diminishes. The amount of pain is determined by the amount of hair.

If I have very sensitive skin, will Sugaring work for me?

Sugaring is great for all skin types, including—and particularly—those with very sensitive skin. Sugaring doesn’t remove live skin cells like hot wax can. Sugar only removes dead skin, hair and blackheads so your skin is left smooth, supple and soft without any redness, inflammation or tenderness.

Does Sugaring remove hair better than hot wax?

Sugaring is much more effective than hot wax for many reasons: Sugaring is done against the grain, so each hair is removed from the root. Whereas hot wax adheres to the substrate and is then pulled off with a muslin strip against the direction of hair growth, which can not only cause hair breakage, but can also cause trauma to your skin if it’s sensitive. See Sugaring Vs. Waxing for more details and benefits.

What is Sugar paste?

The paste BeeSugared uses is 100-percent, all natural and contains only sugar, water and lemon. There are no chemicals or artificial additives.

Can you only Sugar your bikini?

Sugaring can be done from head to toe. It is gentle enough to do on any body part, yet effective enough to remove even the coarsest hair. Sugaring can also be performed on clients with diabetes, children, teens and pregnant women. See the other Sugaring Services.

How long do I need to grow my hair before my first Sugaring Treatment?

A minimum of at least two weeks of hair growth is required before treatment.